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UBS: A fresh take on billionaires’ aspirations

After close to a decade of telling the story of accumulating billionaire wealth, UBS wanted to discover their wider aspirations. How were goals shifting in the face of mounting global challenges? Working closely with the in-house project team, we helped to define the narrative for the UBS Billionaire Ambitions Report 2022. We then wrote the story of how these changemakers – many of them entrepreneurs – are delivering not just capital but also fresh ideas that can make a positive impact.

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While the report did not match the press coverage of previous reports for volume, it did for quality. In the days before the pandemic, UBS’s billionaire reports regularly sparked over 2,000 press reports. Yet this report’s coverage focused on how billionaires were investing in businesses pioneering the energy transition, as well as faster growing regions such as Southeast Asia. It was well received by UBS clients, keen to gain insights into the activities of the world’s smartest risk takers.