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UBS: Master architects of great wealth and lasting legacies

This was the title of the first billionaire report, published by UBS and PwC in May 2015. As thought leadership writers, experienced in copywriting for financial services, we were asked to help chronicle the story of the explosion in billionaire wealth since the 1990s, fuelled mainly by US tech and Chinese entrepreneurs. Working closely with in-house analysts, we developed the story of how these young business people were building great fortunes, even exceeding those made by the industrialists of the late 19th/early 20th century.

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Thought leadership writing, narratives
2015 onwards
Financial Copywriting
Financial Copywriting


Our thought leadership writers wrote a report with an informal style and catchy headings, making it easy to read. It attracted huge media coverage, exceeding expectations. Since then the report has become one of UBS’s flagship thought leadership publications and a valuable marketing tool, generating extensive coverage around the world, including the Financial Times, Washington Post and BBC. Offering a range of other financial copywriting services, our thought leadership writers continue to write the billionaire report, along with other UBS publications such as the Global Family Office Report and Entrepreneur Report.

““When writing our first corporate responsibility (sustainability) report, Clerkenwell was a key part of the team, helping us to articulate the main issues with language that was straight to the point.””
Head of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, Airbus Group
““Clerkenwell Consultancy contributed strongly to a marked improvement in our annual report, investing time to understand the structure and products of our complex business, as well as the drivers of their growth.””
Former Corporate Secretary, Airbus Group