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In 2000, three young financial copywriters hired an office together in London’s Clerkenwell. Back then this slightly shabby district was full of designers, public relations companies and publishers, as well as hosting the UK capital’s meat market.

We set out to offer our specialist financial knowledge and writing skills to a mix of banks, asset managers, private equity houses, hedge funds, ‘Big Four’ accountants and large companies looking for annual report writing. Early assignments included a pack of 50 brochures for ABN AMRO’s new transaction bank, a magazine for private equity house 3i. Our financial copywriters also wrote our first annual report for EADS, now known as Airbus and one of our longest-standing clients to this date.

Twenty years later, the market for financial content is well established in terms of writing as well as videos and podcasts. But the quality of our work is what differentiates us, and the enthusiasm and experience of our financial copywriters has continued to grow.

Financial Copywriting

Financial thought leadership writing that sparks debate

We love the business of financial copywriting. Our financial copywriters take pride in having an eye for the story in every assignment, as well as the wordsmithing that follows.

Rupert Bruce, formerly an Independent, International Herald Tribune and Daily Mail financial journalist, is the Clerkenwell Consultancy’s principal. He works alongside two former Financial Times newspaper journalists and section editors to form an experienced team of financial copywriters.

Our financial copywriting services include thought leadership that attracts global attention, as well as opinion pieces and content for asset managers, sustainability writing and much more. We’re more skilled than ever. Get in touch to learn more about how our financial copywriters can help bolster your brand by weaving an engaging story into all of your financial content.